Travel prices are rising in the US, says author Christopher Eillott

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“We are still seeing some of the 30-40% discount rates in cases where they were pre-pandemic.”

PORTLAND, Maine: With COVID numbers often coming down to the United States, people are once again feeling the need to travel. Christopher Elliott, who writes about travel for USA Today and The Washington Post, says bookings are on the rise, raising the question: For people who want to go somewhere during the holidays, are there still deals?

“Yes and no,” Elliott told NEWS CENTER Maine. “What we do know is that travel prices are constantly rising due to the declining number of COVID cases and also just because a lot of people don’t travel in a long time. A lot of people were sitting in the summer and now they think it’s okay to go out. ”

Part of the challenge of finding good travel deals is figuring out the timing, specifically whether it’s better to buy now or hold back and wait for prices to go down.

For vacation travel, Elliott said, “It’s not the year [wait]. Because prices are constantly rising and demand is rising, it’s better if you see a deal that you think you can afford to book now and that you don’t expect. ”

As demand grows, prices are unlikely to fall. One of the few sectors where bargains can be found is, however, in urban hotels that cater to business travelers, most of whom stay at home or in the office.

At these hotels, Elliott said, “We’re still seeing some of the 30% to 40% discount rates in those cases where they were pre-pandemic, so you might find a good deal there.”

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