Travelers from the United States can now present proof of vaccination for entrance into the United States Virgin Islands.

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As the number of COVID cases declines, domestic travelers will be able to travel with less restrictions and masking requirements will be relaxed.

COVID-19 cases continue to decline in the US Virgin Islands, prompting Governor Bryan to announce a relaxation of regulations for internal passengers. Travelers who are completely vaccinated in the United States and the US Virgin Islands can provide proof of immunization and no longer need to demonstrate a negative COVID test for entrance as of March 7.

Those who have got the following vaccines and waited at least 14 days after their required dose before traveling to the USVI are considered fully immunized. Only.84 percent of positive cases were recorded in the US Virgin Islands in a seven-day period as of March 9.

All travelers coming from the United States mainland and the US Virgin Islands must submit proof of immunization or a negative COVID-19 test to the USVI Travel Screening Portal for travel approval within five days of arrival. Visitors who have been approved will receive a green QR confirmation code via email.

Domestic travelers who are partially or completely unvaccinated, as well as those who had COVID-19 vaccination(s) outside of the United States, must nonetheless submit a negative COVID-19 test for travel approval and admission into the Territory. International tourists, including BVI residents, must present proof of vaccination and a negative COVID test upon arrival in the USVI, regardless of immunization status or citizenship.

Finally, inbound travel from the US Virgin Islands to the US mainland does not require testing. Governor Bryan has drooped indoor masking mandates in the Territory as of March 14. Indoor and outdoor areas at ports of entry, indoor and outdoor areas at public, private, and parochial schools, and all hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities are the only places where face coverings are still compulsory. At their discretion, business owners can decide whether or not to force customers and employees to wear masks.

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