Travelers well vaccinated for non-essential travel

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The Canadian government on Thursday quietly withdrew its guidelines against all non-essential travel, replacing them with a new adviser who says travelers should be fully vaccinated before leaving the country.

The adjustment comes a few weeks before the reopening of U.S. land borders for vaccinated Canadian tourists and the holiday travel season. Starting Nov. 8, Canadians can cross the United States by land or ferry for tourism purposes or to visit friends and family.

The updated guide says all travelers should take protective measures, such as wearing a mask, and continue to avoid cruise travel outside of Canada. According to the government website, travelers to the United States should “take normal safety precautions.”

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The previous travel notice was initially issued in March 2020 and told all Canadians to avoid cruises and non-essential travel abroad “until further notice”.

It did not prohibit international travel and many Canadians had already planned to visit the United States before updating the online guide.

Also Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a standardized COVID-19 vaccination test for Canadian travelers. The system supports Canada’s new travel vaccination mandate that requires full vaccination of travelers departing from Canadian airports or trains as of October 30th.

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