Traveling to the United States from Australia: When Can I Travel to the United States? Do I need to quarantine? | Explanatory

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Many Australians had fantasized about returning to one of our favorite travel destinations before the pandemic long before international borders reopened. But even with trips to the US Back at the table, it’s clear that the rules aren’t that clear.

Will travelers have to be quarantined? Will AstraZeneca be accepted? We answer some of your main questions.

When can I travel to the US from Australia?

Pack your bags because the trip to the US is finally a reality. Although airlines like Qantas had flights departing from Sydney to Los Angeles since early November for “eligible passengers,” the White House officially gave the green tick to trips to fully vaccinated tourists starting Nov. 8.

For those who have asked, “Will I have to quarantine if I travel to the United States?”, The good news is that trips to the United States are free from quarantine. What you will need to do, however, is provide a complete vaccination test, as well as complete a negative COVID-19 test before departure which will be done within three days of the trip in order to board your flight to the United States. All travelers two years of age or older will be subject to testing, and in addition to pre-departure testing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that travelers be tested again. within three to five days after arriving in the United States and staying home for seven days after the trip.

Of course, each state has its own set of requirements and these can be met here.

What vaccines are accepted in the US?

Australians should have no worries; with the new travel system, only those with vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) will be able to enter the United States. While there was some darkness surrounding AstraZeneca and whether it would be accepted in the United States, it has since been confirmed that it will be accepted along with Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson. Other vaccines with WHO approval include Sinopharm and Sinovac, although they are not used in Australia.

 What is the current travel advice for the United States?

The Department of Trade and Foreign Affairs (DFAT) recently changed its previous warning not to travel to the United States to Put a high degree of caution. Previously, travel insurance policies did not cover COVID-19-related expenses if a country carried a DFAT warning not to travel. Now that this has changed, travel insurance policies will be adjusted accordingly, although you will need to compare products to make sure you are covered for everything from cancellation costs to illness.


Is it safe to visit the United States?

It’s worth checking out places like this Our world in data and the World Health Organization before deciding whether to book a flight or not. At the time of writing, the data show that only 59.2% of Americans are fully vaccinated and there are currently more than 95,000 new infections a day. Note that some states like California, Hawaii and Massachusetts are much higher than others.

Another thing to keep in mind about travel to the United States is that health care is very expensive, so you will need to purchase a travel insurance policy with all the bells and whistles to help provide a shock absorber in in case you get sick. Take a look to compare travel policies and be sure to call the provider if you have any questions.

Can American citizens travel to Australia?

Unfortunately no. Australia remains closed to international tourism, although it is rumored that this could change by the end of 2021.





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