UK TV producers head to the US as Covid’s travel restrictions are reduced: Deadline

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EXCLUSIVE: A large number of UK TV executives have headed to the US in recent days for introductory meetings, as UK citizens can finally enter the country for the first time in almost two years.

Deadline understands that personalities like BBC Studios and the producer of Night on Earth Plimsoll Productions have flown to the United States since the travel ban was lifted last week, along with the heads of small international producers like Zig Zag Productions.

UK executives have been introducing US shoppers through Zoom for nearly two years, but last Monday, the US lifted restrictions on travelers who are fully vaccinated. Passengers require a PCR or negative antigen test within 72 hours of departure and will have to take another test once they return. Nearly 70% of the UK population has lifted the doses and travel ban in most European countries a few months ago.

While Zoom has allowed the launch to continue throughout the pandemic, there was a buzz of excitement on the part of the executives Deadline spoke to, who have several meetings over the coming weeks.

“It’s been a long road and I’m really looking forward to going out there,” said an indie boss who used to travel regularly to the United States and has about a dozen meetings with a lot of shoppers.

Sources highlighted the difficulty of having “informal” chats on Zoom and concretizing an idea with state commissioners. Interactions can often feel more stable and transactional, and depend on a strong Internet connection, they added.

There is no doubt, on the other hand, that Zoom has democratized the pitching process a bit. In the UK, the mostly London-based order class has repeatedly emphasized how much easier it has been to talk to producers based outside the capital, who would normally spend two to three days a week in London.

The travel ban in the United States is also being lifted as the activity of American studios and streamers in the UK is on the rise.

There are shows like Netflix’s The Witcher, Apple TV’s Slow Horses and HBO’s prequel to Game of Thrones, House of Dragons, which makes the country’s skill base stretch, that the Industry experts predict that it will be brought to the breaking point once production begins on Amazon. Lord of the Rings. There have been several reports of demand roles, such as production managers being sought halfway through a program by wealthier buyers.

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