US Travel applauds the congressional hearing on Brand USA

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In relation to tourism, the committee discussed legislation that would work to reclaim travel and tourism, including HR 4594, the “Restoring Brand USA Act.”

During the hearing, the president of Energy and Commerce, Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) said in its initial statement that U.S. competitiveness helped build the world’s largest and most dynamic economy, but faces unprecedented challenges.

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“These unprecedented challenges to our economic prosperity and competitiveness cannot go unnoticed. Today we are examining legislation to strengthen the nation’s American manufacturing power, economic vitality, and competitiveness,” Pallone said.

The hearing addressed legislation that would strengthen the economy, including the manufacture and production of basic necessities, which included Brand USA, which would ensure that the US remains a desirable place for international travelers.

“The other legislative proposals from my colleagues that will be debated today are improving
Global competitiveness of the United States, increase supply chain resilience, promote domestic
manufacturing and strengthening supply chains for critical goods and services, ”Consumer Protection and Trade Subcommittee Chair Janice D. Schakowsky (D-Ill.) said in her opening statement.

The U.S. Travel Association praised the audience.

“As the U.S. reopens its borders to vaccinated people, Brand USA’s important task of promoting the U.S. to international visitors is more critical than ever,” said the executive vice president of Public Affairs and Policy Association. trips from the United States, Tori Emerson Barnes. travel, which has resulted in more than $ 250 billion in export earnings since the pandemic began, has decimated program funding. help attract international visitors faster, shorten the recovery schedule, and restore job losses in the United States. It is imperative that Congress move quickly to approve the bill this year. “

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