Vietnam Airlines launches flights bi-weekly to the US

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Vietnam Airlines will launch the first regularly scheduled service between the US and Vietnam on November 28th.

The twice-weekly flight will connect San Francisco with Ho Chi Minh, according to Cirium flight schedule data.

The launch will take place when the vast majority of Vietnam remains closed to the tourism market. Only the island of Phu Quoc, west of mainland Vietnam, is open to visitors on a trial basis. In addition, pre-authorized foreigners are allowed to enter, mainly for commercial purposes, but forty-seven days are required.

A San Francisco airport spokesman declined to comment on the route, citing Vietnam Airlines’ desire to handle all inquiries. The operator could not be contacted immediately for comment. A search for San Francisco-Ho Chi Minh flights on the Vietnam Airlines website also yielded no results.

However, Vietnam Airlines CEO Le Hong Ha confirmed the new route on Tuesday in an interview with Vietnam’s online newspaper VN Express, noting that the airline is targeting 2.2 million Vietnamese expatriates in Vietnam. USA.

Vietnamese Airlines will overtake Vietnam-based Bamboo Airways in the San Francisco-Ho Chi Minh market. In September, the carrier and San Francisco Airport announced a memorandum of understanding for a planned launch of a service four times a week with a Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner.

The FAA opened the door for Vietnamese carriers to fly to the United States in early 2019, when it determined that the country’s civil aviation authority meets international aviation safety standards.

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