What Is Better Than A Cruise At Sea? Authentic Gelato On The Cruise

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The first location outside of Italy to offer authentic Gelato, according to the Italian Chamber of Commerce, is on board Princess ships. Scooping up one of Italy’s most well-known sweets from Gelato onboard Discovery Princess, Enchanted Princess, and Sky Princess just got a little more sweeter with the arrival of summer. The Princess Cruises gelato stores are the first and only places outside of Italy to provide a true Italian gelato experience, and have been classified as Ospitalità Italiana.

The prestigious Ospitalità Italiana label is given out by the committee of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, an agency of the Italian government, and it attests that each step of the production of gelato satisfies or surpasses a stringent set of requirements as acknowledged by official Italian auditors and experts, who examine the procedure annually. The official Ospitalità Italiana certification is only given to gelato establishments that achieve outstanding quality rating.

In the pastry kitchens of the cruise line’s three newest ships, Discovery Princess, Enchanted Princess, and Sky Princess, Italian-certified materials and equipment are used each day to handcraft Princess Cruises’ fresh gelato. The top Italian cooks taught Eric Le Rouzic, a corporate pastry chef, how to make this heaven in a bowl at the Gelato Carpigiani University in Bologna and the Gelato Comprital Atheneum in Milan. Princess uses top-of-the-line gelato machines from famous producer Carpigiani, and the gelato display cases were made in Italy by skilled artisans.

The gelato recipe is said to have become well-known when architect Bernardo Buontalenti was commissioned to make a unique dessert for a nobleman of the Medici family in the 16th century. Egg cream-based gelato was created when Buontalenti combined milk, eggs, sugar, and extracts in a unique machine with ice and salt.

Gelato is velvety yet has fewer calories and less butter fat than ice cream. Princess’ freshly gathered fruit is coupled with the real Italian ingredients, which are created daily with milk instead of ice cream’s additional fat from cream for a longer shelf life. As a result, a scoop of gelato has 80–100 calories, while sorbet, sometimes known as “fruit gelato,” has only 50–60 calories and no added dairy.

Princess guests can select from a range of tastes, including tiramisu, Nutella, and caramello salato, as well as classics like fior di latte (vanilla) and cioccolato (chocolate) (salted carmel). Even dairy-free, fat-free, and sugar-free sorbets and gelato are available on the menu. Indulgent concoctions like nutellone (Nutella gelato, Nutella and whipped cream), amaretto and peaches, or other delectable combinations like “affogato” (with liqueur) or “coppe” can be enjoyed by guests on their own, with toppings, or in these delicious combinations (amaretto gelato, fresh sliced peaches and meringue drops).

With a fleet of 15 contemporary cruise ships, Princess Cruises, one of the most well-known names in cruising, is the world’s top international premium cruise line and tour operator. Each year, millions of passengers travel with Princess Cruises to 330 destinations around the world, including the Caribbean, Alaska, Panama Canal, Mexican Riviera, Europe, South America, Australia/New Zealand, the South Pacific, Hawaii, Asia, Canada/New England, Antarctica, and World Cruises.

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