World Cruise For 2025 – From The ‘City In Motion’ To Southampton

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Following the success of the cruise line’s 2024 round-the-world trip, Azamara is providing frequent travelers and globe travelers with the first opportunity to book. As a result of the popularity of the cruise line’s 2024 round-the-world voyage, Azamara is giving frequent customers and world travelers priority access to make reservations. This route will include 15 overnights and 31 late stays in port  departing from San Diego, California and visiting 37 countries before concluding in Southampton, UK. on the newest ship of the independent cruise line, Azamara Onward, providing passengers more time to immerse themselves in each distinctive location.

The newest ship of the independent cruise company, Azamara Onward, will travel this itinerary with 15 overnights and 31 late port stays, giving passengers more time to immerse themselves in each unique site. With 15 overnights and 31 late port stays on this itinerary, the newest ship of the independent cruise line, Azamara Onward, will provide passengers more time to immerse themselves in each special location. Samoa and Tonga: Visitors will get to know these less visited islands, which offer renowned whale swimming opportunities and a rich Samoan culture.

Sydney, Australia: Overnight stays give visitors the chance to explore Sydney’s stunning beaches, world-famous Opera House, and thriving culinary, artistic, and entertainment scenes in greater depth. New Zealand’s southernmost island, Stewart Island, is a quiet, unspoiled place with less than 500 residents that is off the usual road. Rakiura National Park, which covers the majority of the island, is home to local fauna, sand dunes, mountain ranges, and coastal rainforests.

13 free land events will be included in Azamara’s 2025 World Cruise, with a kickoff gala in San Diego. The following are other highlights of the unique land experiences provided by Azamara on the 2025 World Cruise: Benoa, Bali: During a unique AzAmazing Evening, local dancers will present ancient styles of dance with dexterous footwork and finger moves, allowing guests to experience Benoa’s natural beauty and the allure of the island’s deeply ingrained culture.

Bangkok, Thailand: During a two-night stay, visitors get the chance to fully experience the native cuisine, music, dancing, art, and Buddhist temples of Bangkok. The Southeast Asian nation of Lao, noted for its French colonial architecture and Buddhist monasteries, and the hilly city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand are both options for shore excursions for tourists.

Semarang, Indonesia: Due to the numerous rivers that flow through the heart of the city, Semarang is referred to as the Venice of Java. Visitors can take a beach trip from this port to the largest Buddhist temple in the entire world, Borobudur, which dates back to the ninth century.  Azamara’s 2025 World Voyage offers over $25,000 in exclusive amenities, including $4,000 in onboard credit, an additional $3,000 for shore excursions, roundtrip business class air travel, a premium beverage package for two, weekly laundry service, and more, in addition to taking passengers to every corner of the globe. Luxury cruise line Azamara is a pioneer of Destination Immersion® excursions.

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